Mindful Mondays: Why pursue mindfulness?

The real meditation is how you live your life.

— Jon Kabat-Zinn

For everyone asking: Why can it be so hard to maintain a positive mindset? What practices help positive people stay positive?

Well, one of those options is to practice mindfulness. Usually combined with meditation, mindful action is to become fully aware of yourself, in the moment, and acknowledging your feelings. thoughts, and your physical form in a calm manner. Mindfulness can be done anywhere, and it’s one of the first steps one can take towards a more positive lifestyle.

In this series, we’ll explore inspirational quotes, meditation techniques, and other methods to help get you into a “zen” mindset.

For our first exercise, take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes, and acknowledge how you physically feel. Feel the blood rushing through your veins, feel the air passing through your nose. Take in the current moment. Worry not about what any of these feelings mean, simply acknowledge them and move on until you have noticed all there is to notice.

And that, is our first exercise.

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