Eco-Friendly Fridays: Plastic bags

For the first eco-friendly post since the launch, we need to talk about plastic bags.

Sure, they’re mighty convenient. And that’s the main reason they’re still around and being used. The problem is that they are absolutely terrible for the environment. Not only do they not break down in a timely manner in our landfills, they also are very harmful to animal life, particularly the animals in our waterways.

Porpoises are the most common victim. Because they eat sea nettles and jelly fish they are the most likely to mistake the plastic bag for food. If they survive the swallowing of the bag, it is unlikely that they are able to continue with normal digestion and thus eventually die a slow and painful death from toxicity or intestinal blockage.

— (source)

Do you know what a porpoise is?



These are them.


Please be kind to the little sweeties and buy yourself some reusable bags. Preferably the fair trade cotton kind. Here’s an option. We haven’t purchased from this seller yet, so let us know what you think!

If you have plastic bags stored around, try to look for a facility that will actually recycle them. If I forget to bring by bags to the store, I will oftentimes just say no to a bag altogether and carry my items out myself.

To create a positive lifestyle, we need to also take care of those around us. Including those that can’t speak for themselves.


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