Tunes Tuesday: Death of a Bachelor

Greetings and Salutations you amazing human beans!

Hope ya’ll have been having a wonderful week, and if not that’s totally okay too. Life is weird. But anyway, I’m here to talk to you about an album released in January of 2016–Panic! At the Disco’s Death of a Bachelor. I personally hadn’t listened much to Panic! since my middle school days, but one of the other bloggers on this site about a month back had me listen to the song Death of a Bachelor and I was absolutely blown away. So of course I began listening to more, and have been a bit obsessed, so I’ll probably have to do some kind of history of Panic! at some point just to fully dispel all of my feelings about the band and how much it has changed over time. However, today is simply focused on this album.

The current and only remaining member of the band since its start, Brendon Urie, has really kind of changed the vibe of the songs in this album from past sounds that the band has produced. He kind of has described it, in interviews that I’ve watched, as being more of a transitional album, one that specifically focuses on his transition from being a bachelor to his new life with his wife Sarah. Of course, getting married and settling down is a huge lifestyle change, so this album kind of pays tribute and homage to his more, maybe wild, frivolous past to this new adventure. Therefore, the album is kind of a conglomeration of a lot of different styles of music and themes going on, so it’s very interesting, but doesn’t always feel cohesive. That being said, I still really enjoyed it. I think it’s very easy to listen to and that Brendon has a great vocal range which kind of allows him to stretch himself to create a lot of the variety that exists on Death of a Bachelor. So without further adieu, the tracks:


This was actually probably my second least favorite song of the album. I think it’s incredibly fun and upbeat but just maybe doesn’t fit my tastes all that well. It kind of just feels to my like another stereotypical song that you listen to when you want to get hype, but doesn’t really have a lot of soul or feeling to it. Which not necessarily every song in life needs to.I think it serves a purpose, just not really one that I’m particularly into. I did however like how one of the lyrics mentioned Kill King, which reminded me of Killer Queen by Queen, and this album was mentioned to have Queen, Sinatra, and other vibes to it, so it kind of made me think of one of those “I see what you did there” moments. Then again I might be going to far into it.

2. Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time

This song is kind of similar to the above, in that it feels more like a track that you could go out dancing to and really enjoy, but I think it kind of has more of a fun story to, which you can watch in the music video here, if you so decide (it’s also kind of fun to watch at .5 speed, if you’re bored and have time). This song I feel kind of shows up in the theme mentioned above where he’s showing a bit of what his life centered around in the part scene. I also think it just has more interesting lyrics, like “I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt, but I make these high heels work” and “I’ve told you time and time again, I’m not as think as you drunk I am.” And I like the idea of the song title kind of being a dare as well, in that it allows you to get in the mindset of that there was really no limit as to how far this “good time” could go.

3. Hallelujah

I really enjoy the kind background trumpet feel to this and how it’s also been kind of described as a gospel-esque feel. It also, again, made me think of the emotions that were trying to be conveyed by this album, in that it talks about second-hand lovers and that no one wants you when you have no heart and that really hit me. It made me think a lot about how sometimes when we as people feel lots of pain and we try so many different things to feel nothing or anything at all, that sometimes it’s hard to really see the damage that’s been done until it’s done. Until you have to try. Whether that be with that someone or something new, and have to rehash through all of the old problems that were had before. But it was done in a really kind of positive way, celebrating getting through those times and being able to “stand up and sing Hallelujah.”

4. Emperor’s New Clothes

When I first heard the title of this song it definitely made me think of the kind of parable Emperor’s New Clothes, but maybe symbolizes more of a transfiguration of sorts like a person into something darker. Which I think is embodied in the music video, which let me just say, is really interesting and intriguing, which I’ll link here. It overall made me think a lot of their more quirky past themes, which directly seems to follow the music video for their song This is Gospel which I’ll put here as well if you want to watch them consecutively. But this song kind of encapsulates doing anything and everything to get what you want, with the kind of child’s rhyme “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” played over and over. It really maybe shows where pure desire and selfish want can lead a person, or maybe just shows that you have to be competitive and cut-throat to take back the crown. Either way I thought this song was great to listen to and experience.

5. Death of a Bachelor

The song that started it all and got me hooked. I really enjoyed the kind of old-time and classic feel that it had to it, combined with a kind of trap beat that really kept it moving. As it’s also the name of the album, it definitely is the most apparent to me as the transition song that Brendon may have been looking for. I love how it talks about how a “lifetime of laughter” comes “at the expense of the death of a bachelor.” Kind of like how to enter a new stage of life another one has to die, maybe along the more quirky when one door closes another opens kind of thing. Nevertheless, I think that that theme is very prevalent in various seasons of life, and I really enjoyed the way Brendon articulated it. One of the lyrics “And when you think of me, am I the best you ever had?” also makes me think of the later song House of Memories in the album, where I think he’s kind of striving to make this connection and new memories with the one he loves and that she’ll feel the same. So it’s very lyrically interesting, telling a story that’s easy to follow while connecting with another song on the album, and with vocals that are very impressive as well.

6. Crazy=Genius

This makes me definitely think of another song that was pulling from older styles, with finger snaps and a great drum beat that almost makes me think of flapper dresses and the 20’s. Which I really, really enjoyed, as I’m a huge fan of that era. However, I actually still wasn’t a huge fan of this song on the album either. Again I think it’s good and interesting, higher than Victorious for sure, but just with some of the other tracks on this album it’s not my favorite. The lyrics were also very fun to follow, like with “the cut of your love never hurts baby it’s a sweet butter knife.” Maybe it just fell more flat to me on the chorus, which seemed, I want to say not that original, but that would be too harsh in truth. Maybe it just wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping after I got built up on the beat and feel of it. So more disappointment on my end than necessarily poor song writing by the artist.

7. LA Devotee

This is definitely another one of my favorites and that I just really enjoy belting out. I think it has a fun way of playing with lyrics and was just really well written, while also having another fun music video which I’ll link here. It kind of explores the kind of shrine that Hollywood has around itself, and how maybe around the movie and music industry people can get caught up in that image. Or maybe how he wouldn’t change it or have it any other way either, as he describes two different characters, but at the end says something along the lines of “I wouldn’t ever try to change ya, no, wouldn’t ever try to make you see no.”

8. Golden Days

Nostalgia in loads is what this song made me think about. Finding polaroids and thinking about nights that were forgotten and just styles from the past described as well. And how it talks about forever young but still growing older, it really makes you think about life and about living in the moment but also how the time will pass anyway. I think this is another song that really evaluates memories and how people are remembered by each other. Which, again, I think is important with the theme in thinking back on the artist’s past life and experiences while starting this new era and wanting to maybe make the best of it, to turn them into Golden Days. Or maybe it has more to do with not forget that the past is still a part of his life too. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

9. The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty

I really enjoyed this song, it made me laugh in moments where it mentioned “don’t think I’ve ever used a day of my education” and also was kind of sobering with “I know what it’s like to have to trade the ones you love for the ones you hate.” So I feel like this song explores a lot of feelings with a past lover and also just in life in general, which I originally thought to be kind of overwhelming as maybe too many things trying to happen in one song. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how it was, overall, pulled off really well.

10. House of Memories

This song kind of explored love and truly falling for someone as being a kind of taboo, like it wasn’t necessarily something that should be normal. Because, as the first line describes, “If you’re a lover you should know, the lonely moments just get lonelier the longer that you’re in love than if you were alone.” I believe this track also definitely follows the them of transitioning into a stable love, where the artist mentions that he was a fool but how he truly desires to be in this person’s house of memories. And also how he describes how the thoughts of past lovers haunt him and how he just wants to be remembered as well as he will remember her.

11. Impossible Year

I feel like this song definitely embodies 2016, and a lot of the feelings that were had in 2016. Mainly in how there were a lot of rough and bad times, and how it might have seemed basically impossible to get through. Like, for example, one lyrics states, “These nightmares always hang on past the dream.” So, kudos to Panic! for writing a song like that. I really like the piano ballad/Sinatra feel happening in this one as well. This is definitely another one of my favorites of the album. I’m a sucker for the piano though, so there’s a bit of bias here as well.

Again, I heavily enjoyed this album. I’m not sure if it is one of my favorites or not yet, it might need a bit more digesting, but I’ll definitely continue to listen to a lot of these tracks. Also, these are entirely my opinions and feelings and may not completely reflect or match what you’re feeling or what was trying to be said throughout the album. If you’re a huge Panic! fan, and have feelings about this album or past albums that you’d like to recommend, or even how these sounds compare to the other songs they’ve created, feel free to share! I’d love to start a discussion. Until next time lovelies!

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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