My Make Up Beginnings

I personally started wearing make up during late middle school (around 8th grade) with no clue what I was doing. The first look I used was just black eyeliner in my waterline that never stayed on a whole day and never really did much. Then I moved on to putting it on the tops of my eyes in a thicker line that made my eyes look dramatic, and slightly messy as it wasn’t applied cleanly. From there I finally expanded my kit to include powder foundation and mascara (of course I already owned the necessary 500 lipgloss tubes that every little girl has but never uses). After this craziness, winged eyeliner was the next thing on my list to tackle. At first it looked like I had the shakiest hands on the face of the Earth. But eventually they started to shape up a little. Then I found out about contour and low and behold here we are. Not that I do my make up every day, I don’t have the motivation for that. Through out this whole time I never really took care of my skin consistently (this will be a point that I try to cover throughout the series) because I have always been the person to go on spurts of taking care of things. Anyways, the last thing I have to share for this first entry in Bare Beauty is my personal definition and reasoning behind make up. For me, make up has always been more of an art of a skill. It has never been about hiding myself or the way I look, though I struggle with it sometimes. Make up should be about adding color to your expression and high lighting the features you most appreciate about yourself and taking the time to play around and have fun. I also love learning new things and with make up, there is no shortage of information to explore.

So, as far as make up goes, that is the basis of me. I highly encourage commenting or messaging about your thoughts and questions because I want to learn for you too. Please let me know what you think about this post, about what you want to know, and about your make up story. Without further chit chat: I wish you many great experiences and the best of beauty, inside and out.

-Renna Sophia ❤

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