Photographing Me

When taking pictures, I always try to look at average things differently. Whether it is a picture with people or not I want to photograph things that matter even though they might be commonly overlooked. My latest photography sessions have been with a friend, focusing on the seasons on our college campus. Some of my personal favorite times and places to photograph are during the fall, in the morning or afternoon, and anything near water always makes for an interesting picture. I also try to incorporate trees and lamp posts as well as campus landmarks to make sure that the college makes its way into the photos. When taking photos, everyone has there favorite details that show their personal style. Angles, places, props, times, poses, etc. Everything adds up to convey a potion of the photographer’s personality. Over this series, I hope to show my personal style as well as share some tips and tricks to make the most amateur of photographers look like a pro. So let’s gets started shall we 🙂

Renna’s tips and tricks for taking THE picture:

Know your camera – Take some time playing around and messing with your camera. Learn how it focuses and what features you have on it. If you know hoe it works, you will know how best to take a great picture.

Mess with angles – Try taking the same picture from a couple different angles. Start high or low and move the opposite direction, doing the same with left and right and even around in a circle of you want. Just try looking at it from a different point of view.

Timing – Pick a place and take the same picture over the course of a day at different times. This will hep you understand not only for preferences on lighting, but the way that different light effects your camera.

Filters – Try out the different filters that your camera has installed. You never know what kind of fun images you can create!

Zoom and focus – Always test out zooming in and out and taking pictures from different lengths from your targeted image. And focusing on different places gives the image a whole new feeling.

These things were the basics that I was taught and they all helped me realize that there is a way to take the picture I want without just guessing and moving the camera. I do these things on a regular basis, almost every time I go to take pictures just to keep up. It doesn’t take long to get a good feel for what you are doing and to learn how to take the pictures that most suit you. Showing off what pictures you take can let people know who you are, help others understand your passions, and even help you realize what really matters to you. Photography shows the real me every time I hit the button to capture and image. And I know it can do the same for you.

If you have anything to add or anything you want me to attempt to talk about, let me know! I would love to hear about your favorite tricks to getting that perfect picture. Until then I encourage you to see the world through your own lens and to keep capturing the moment.

-Renna Sophia ❤

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