Tunes Tuesday: Ellen Learning Piano

Howdy Doody Amazing Readers!

Today I’ve decided to start a journey that I’ve been wanting to begin for the longest time–playing the piano. When growing up, my parents were huge music enthusiasts and insisted that each of us kids learned some kind of musical instrument. I was so jazzed when it was going to be my turn to pick, because the piano had always been one of my favorite things to listen to. However, my sister, being older than me, got to choose first, and she also chose the piano. Because of this, my parents told me that I had to pick something different. Womp womp. However, I got to learn the acoustic and electric guitar, which I have also grown to love, and was able to play the flute in high school marching band, so don’t pity me too much.

But because of these unfortunate, or not so unfortunate, turn of events, I was never able to learn how to play the piano or take lessons. Nowadays, with the wonderful inventions of the internet and youtube, I’ve decided that now is finally the time. And I thought that maybe some of you would also be interested in learning, so I’ll be cataloging my journey, either by video or sound bites or just describing my frustrations, and sharing various websites that I’ll be using periodically throughout Tunes Tuesdays.


I hope you’re all excited. I know I am. Currently I’m only learning the notes of the bass clef that is usually played with the left hand on the piano, as the treble clef I have already been able to learn on guitar and flute. So here’s the picture that I’ve been trying to ingrain in my memory:


I’ll also include the treble clef, as I’ll still have to learn fingerings and placings in these as well, and some might need to learn it as well. So just for ease and eye candy here it is:


I hope this has been a good start for you as it has been for me. I hope that we can get this beginning part down so we can move to the nitty gritty of actually learning our first song. Or maybe you already know how to play! Feel free to give hips and tricks that you used when learning or still continue to use. Or if you know websites where there’s some easy beginner music or great tutorials on youtube please feel free to share those too. I know I’ll need them.

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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