The Lit List: The Truth About Stories


Name: The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative

Best Features: Short read, draws reader in, fascinating topic, great first chapter

Possible Pitfalls: The chapter beginnings and ends might feel redundant, gets political towards the end, certain religious references might be uncomfortable

Overall Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ [4/5]


Discussion: I absolutely adored this book! It was the first one we completed for my Native American literature class and it had the most impactful first chapter of any book I have read to date. I would pick it up literally just for that chapter if nothing else. Beyond that, the narrative goes into the nitty-gritty of Native American history and how some people were treated and interpreted by those around them. Thomas King compels his readers to think more deeply about Native Americans and how they see themselves as well as how non-Native-Americans see them. He does have a “looped” style of writing, so if one hates reading the same thing twice, there might be bits of the novel that will annoy them. If the reader is Christian, there might be some parts that challenge some of the things a lot of people just don’t think about. Not necessarily a bad thing, it makes one think a little more about some things. If you’re looking for literature on this very topic, I consider it a must-read. Even if you aren’t interested in literature of this type, I would still check it out. There were so many points that struck me to the core and even more that made me realize just how much I don’t know about Native Americans. It made me want to learn more.

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