Tunes Tuesday: Study Time

Greetings fellow music lovers!

As many of you know, winter break is over and school has begun again. Exams are approaching, and they are deadly. Well, maybe not, you’ll probably still be breathing at the end of them, but who knows, right? Studying can be crucial, but getting the motivation to study and staying focused while studying can be brutal. That’s why I’m comin’ at ya’ with some of my favorite music for that study grind. 


This music is for the moments when you’re taking that GPA booster or fluff class. You know the one. Where you could literally snooze through class, take a quick trip to Mars or Dreamland, and still ace the test no problem. When I’m here I could literally listen to anything, as long as it can conjure some head bobs or the need to belt out some vocals. Personally, however, I enjoy some Panic! At the Disco, Walk the Moon, Saint Motel, Phoenix,  any musical (Wicked, RENT, etc.), and sometimes even a Disney tune. As long as it’s fun and has some kind of exciting vocal range to it, I am down. This is the kind of place where studying shouldn’t be a chore, so I want it to be enjoyable and not feel like work, because it isn’t.

The Intermediate

If you’re an avid studier, or are good at planning ahead of time, this might be considered the “I’ve studied for two or three or four or whatever amount of days and I’m decently prepared but could still throw a few more days under the security blanket of wanting to pass this test with flowing colors” stage of studying. The point where studying can still be an enjoyable time, but it’s not really, because you know you’ve still got to do it. These are the moments when I turn to Young the Giant, because there’s such a wide range of songs they produce from very mellow like The Apartment to more moving like My Body. I also really enjoy BORNS, with Past Lives, The Emotion, Electric Love and American Money you can’t really go wrong. I also kind of like to bring in some classic rock into the mix or the works of Billy Joel or Phil Collins. These all still keep me motivated without feeling too much like I’m doing something that I hate, while still knowing that I need to focus on that hated thing.

Hard Core

This is comparable to finals time. That point where you’ve gotta hit the grindstone or you know you’re a goner when you enter that testing room. When it finally comes down to this point, there’s only one genre I can turn to—classical. It’s those hard moving rhythms and intricate melodies, but without the distraction of words. I personally love any kind of cello anything. One that you can check out though is Suite for Solo Cell No. 1 in G Major, Bwv 1007 by Bach. I also really enjoy Tchaikovsky, specifically those of his Swan Lake. They’re really soothing and just a great background noise. However, my favorite as of yet is Christofori’s Dream by David Lanz. Some would probably call it too sentimental or that it tries to hard to pull at the heart strings, but I love it anyway. It relaxes my nerves and a lot of pre-exam anxiety for whatever reason. If you wanna check it out, click the link below!

I know I’m dreading when exam season finally does hit, and having a plan as to how I’m going to study, or what I’m going to listen to while I’m studying, definitely helps ease some of that worry. I hope maybe this has done the same for you, or that you can create your own amazing playlist for when you’ve got to do some learning. Let me know if these helped you out! Or, if you’ve got even better better music, habits, and tricks for keeping away the learning doldrums, throw those our way as well! We love hearing from you lovely human beans.

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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