Poses and Water

Thanks to my wonderful model, Nathaniel, I have this positively fun picture to share with you guys! This picture was taken on IU campus (yes, there are people in the background ruining my photo but what are ya gonna do) right in the middle of fall, even if the trees hadn’t quite turned yet. The pose he is doing actually took a few tries of different ideas to accomplish. We didn’t want him to fall in, but when we took the picture standing up it just didn’t look right. So he actually bent down to look at something (maybe he actually just needed to catch his balance who knows) and I was like WAIT STAY LIKE THAT BUT LOOK AT ME! Just goes to show that random situations and messing around can produce a different photo. The hardest part of this was getting a picture where the water wasn’t blurry from moving too fast. I put the rock in the center of the photograph so that people noticed all of the beautiful nature around as well as him. I was actually almost laying down to get an angle slightly upwards at his face, to catch more of the shadows of his clothing.

Take away: Don’t be afraid to mess around with poses and water!

Follow Nathaniel on Instagram @tsfh_fan1

Keep seeing life through your own lens and always remember to capture the moment!

-Renna ❤

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