Eco-Friendly Fridays: The USA & Oil Pipelines

While I don’t intend to post far too many things regarding the political climate of the United States, the members of FYF are American and some of the changes that have come about with the latest presidential election are causing some major concern for those of us that care deeply about the environment.

President Trump gave the green light for the construction of both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. He also states that he

will expedite environmental reviews and approvals “for high-priority infrastructure projects.”

“We can’t be in an environmental process for 15 years if a bridge is going to be falling down or if a highway is crumbling,” Trump said. [Sourced from]

This is devastating news for environmentalists, as the construction of the pipelines is not only potentially harmful wildlife such as the beautiful and critically endangered Whooping Crane.


This species would be affected by the Dakota Access pipeline. This same pipeline would also interfere with the remaining habitat of the Swift Fox in the United States.


Not only this, the Dakota Access pipeline would be running right through burial grounds, historical sites, and tribal lands of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. As someone who is absolutely appalled at the atrocities committed against our Native American tribes, the idea that this will continue hurts me deeply.

But what can we do against these executive orders pushing forward the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines?

We can continue to raise awareness, we can continue to protest, we can continue to sign petitions and attend rallies. Americans need to show that we will not stand for this sort of environmental and cultural damage, and those from other countries need to continue to support those who are fighting atrocities such as these.

This planet belongs to us all. Please, please, help keep it alive.

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