For The Family: Meatless Monday

We’re back at it again with another episode of For The Family, where we talk about involving possibly reluctant family members in the vegan lifestyle in an effort for them to better understand what it’s about.

Now, as a vegan, I admit that I find Meatless Monday and similar attempts at eating less meat a sort of cop-out. I would rather have them quit eating meat entirely and move towards a wholly plant-based diet, since it’s better for them and the environment. Having said that, if someone’s family is a bunch of die-hard meat eaters, it’s not so easy to make such a dramatic switch.

So. I would start with Meatless Monday.

But, more importantly, we should start the habit by making these meals for them. Why?

  1.  We can make plant-based meals that we know they will like. If they’re cooking for themselves, they’ll be making food according to what they assume vegan or vegetarian food is like; they might not be making food that’s as delicious as it could be.
  2. We’re taking the pressure off them to make their own food. If they aren’t interested in a plant-based diet, why make them be the ones to introduce it to themselves? It’s important for veganism to be a positive experience. If that means taking the initial load off, so be it.
  3. We don’t have to make it elaborate or expensive. What matters is that they’re starting out with meals that are tasty, approachable, and nutritious. It can be as fancy as we want, with the amount of effort we want to put into it.

With that in mind, let’s look at three easy meals for a Meatless Monday. They won’t work for everyone, but this is an effort to get a basic idea of how awesome they can be. I will be using recipes created by other bloggers and will link to each one.


2 Ingredient Oatmeal Banana Blender Pancakes by The Conscientious Eater

This is the perfect example of a super quick, yet enticing vegan breakfast. It wouldn’t take too long to make on a busy morning but is still a lot more fun than oatmeal. Definitely not bashing on oatmeal but you get me.


Easy Spinach Pesto Pasta by Yup… It’s Vegan!

This lunch is great because pesto gives it a decadent feel, but this recipe isn’t time-consuming or particularly expensive to create. Bonus points: It would be PERFECT for packed lunches! Win-win in my book.


Slow Cooker Vegan Lasagna Soup by Connoisseurus Veg

Finally, dinner time. I am a HUGE fan of slow-cooker dinners because we can put everything in before we head out for the day. When we come back, we have a hearty meal with flavors that seem like it took hours of slaving away (well, it did, but the slow-cooker did it for us). This recipe is a step up from a simple stew!

There we have it! Some tips and inspiration for a family-wide Meatless Monday!

We wish you the best of luck 🙂

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