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Hey guys! So this time on Bare Beauty I thought I would do a little bit of research. I was having some issues with the way I did my own make up, things just kinda felt a little stressed and rushed. Naturally I went to seek help form the wisest of us all… the internet. So i spent a solid couple hours looking a tutorials and videos and anything that would pop up to see what I was missing. I found out that I never really learned all the basics of make up at one time. I kinda just pieced together this system over the years, over the course of said years there were times I looked a hot mess because I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. So for my make up story, it was time to get back to the basics. I compiled a list of things that other make up artists and bloggers and vloggers had to say, modifying them a bit to really make them useful for everyone, and tossed them like a giant salad into one list. Crazy? Maybe. Time consuming? Correct. But wa it worth it? Well I certainly hope so. This list is going to be called Renna’s Basic Bare Beauty Tips and I hope you all can take SOMETHING from it! I am going to break it down into sections to make it a little less insane and not quite so messy. Don’t forget that all of these things are merely suggestions, as make up is a personal art and form of expression. Let’s get started shall we 😉

Renna’s Basic Bare Beauty Tips:

The Prep:

-Start with a clean face and moisturize (including lip balm) to help make up stay put, last, and prevent making your face caky and blotchy

-Sanitize hands to prevent any germs or contaminants from getting on your skin or eyes

-Priming your face can help make up stick and can help the amount of make up induced acne one gets



-Pinker concealer works better for hiding dark circles and will help prevent having too much product under your eyes (all color correcting will help you use less concealer)

-Use a lighter concealer, 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation, to help brighten the areas in the center of your face

-Apply in small amounts to keep from caking

-Use a tool to blend to help prevent streaking

-Set concealer wth a powder to prevent creasing


Liquid foundation:

-Flat brushes usually work better for dry skin but a denser, flat topped fluffy brush or sponge could provide fuller coverage

-Match your foundation on your chest, not on your arms or hands as these areas receive the most sun and are often slightly darker

-Use a tool to blend into your skin from the center of your ace to the outer edges

-Set your liquid foundation with a powdered foundation or a setting powder


Powdered foundation:

-Loose powder can work better for oily skin, but a pressed powder will often provide more coverage, sometimes too much

-Large brushes work to dust on powders or powder puff to press into skin, you can also use a sponge to press



*Cream blush should be applied before powdered foundation

-Match your blush to your lips to insure a flattering color, unless you want a very dramatic cheek color

-Using a small detail brush and sweeping lightly over the area will allow you to build up the color that you want

-Blend upwards to slightly lift the apples of your cheeks



*Using a brow pencil can provide more control for beginners when following the natural shape of your brows and filling in the spots that need it

-Pencil or cream/pomade first then blend together, can use powder to ensure there are no harsh lines

-Powder should be a shade lighter than darker hair, or a shade darker for blonde hair

-You can use a very small detail brush or an angled brush to blend

-Brow gel can help even the most stubborn of hairs to stay in place

-Add a light eye shadow or powder foundation underneath to hight light and tie everything together

-Brushing out your brows can make them look more tamed and full while keeping it natural and blending out the lines


Contour and Bronzing:

-The top of the ear to the corner of your mouth forms the contour or browsing line

-Stop around the outer edge of your eye can prevent too drastic of contouring

-You can use fluffy blush for powders or flat brush/sponge for creams then a fluffy blush to blend

-Using a matte bronzer can help prevent the “bad spray tan” look instead of a shimmer which may create the oily appearance and fake appearance



-Apply right on your cheek bone and around the outside of the eye with small fluffy brush or fan brush

-Keep this light handed to start and then build up to glow up



-Start with an eye primer and or base to help hide discoloration and veins as well as help shadows blend and keep colors pigmented and long lasting

*You can use concealer as a base

*Using a moisturizing product as a primer can beak down shadows

-Try adding a layer or powder foundation or setting powder after this step with a big fluffy brush to help shadows blend and to cling powder onto your eyelashes so the seem thicker with mascara

-If your eyes water, try putting some primer and or concealer around the outer corner and into the inner corner under your bottom lashes to help things stay in place

-Typically a lighter shade goes on the eyelid, medium to darker shade gets blended into the crease, then the darkest color goes on the outer corner and into the crease

-Use very small amounts of the darkest colors and build it up to prevent too dark of a color that can’t be easily toned down

-Using a transition color in your crease can help your eyeshadow look more put together and blended, this shade should be a medium, matte shade that goes with the color scheme of your desired eyeshadow look

-Putting a small amount of the medium or darker shade under your eyes right through the lashes will balance the look

-There are also styles of having a darker color on the lid and the lighter colors faded on the outside, it really is up to personal preference

-Add a highlighting color to the inner corner and or center of lid to brighten the look if desired



*If you want the winged look but don’t know how to get it, try using tape to create the bottom of the wing (***anytime you use tape be sure to stick it to the back of your hand first a couple times to remove the harshest of the stickiness which can stay on your skin after the tape is removed), putting eyeliner on a string and holding it like floss to pull a line from the outer corner of your eye, or even putting on eyeliner before your shadow so you can clean up the edges and then just tracing over it after shadow ***i don’t recommend the last one because if you don’t give it plenty of time to dry it can blend into your shadow

-Eyeliner is usually applied right on top of lash line and can be added to water line for a dramatic, darker effect

-Applying eyeliner that flatters your eye shape can really make or break the whole look

*This also means that not all looks or eye shapes need eyeliner in the bottom water line



-Tilting your head a little can help prevent mascara from streaking onto your skin

-Waterproof everything is typically a good idea for bottom lashes

-Test out different styles of lashes to see what word best for your colors and eye shape

-Wearing falsies can be a pain, but it can also add that little boost to your eye look



-Lining your lips in small sections can give you a straighter set of lines and help keep away the messes

-Picking a lip color that goes along with your make up and outfit can be a crucial part of your make up

-Try to avoid clashing your lips with everything else you have going on

-Over drawing can be nice, but it can also be way too dramatic if it is too heavy, going slow and step by step to create a fuller lip ca save you from clown mouth


Well folks that is all I have for you! If I missed something or you have any ideas on these steps PLEASE let me know, I would love to hear about your beauty routine! If you do things different, keep doing what works for you but don’t be afraid to change what isn’t working or to go outside your comfort zone. The best of beauty is yours to express, however you see fit! Enjoy your beauty, inside and out!

-Renna ❤

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