Tunes Tuesday: Taking a Moment

Happy Tuesday All!

This past week has really been a time. I had four exams, and I let it consume me a bit. It’s really easy to let emotional, mental, and social health take a dip for the worse, in times like this, where you’re constantly studying or worrying. I know I can get caught up in defining myself simply by my grades, relating my entire purpose to a letter of the alphabet instead of realizing that there’s so much more to who we are as humans in society than one moment in time. So much more than if we can answer something correctly in two hours time. So much more than an equation or biological process. Just so much more.

So today I was able to take a minute and just enjoy some guitar riffs and very relaxing melodies that calmed my soul. Sometimes that’s all we need, is a minute where we do nothing more than exist and await the next moment. But anyway here are the top three that really hit me. I hope they calm yours as well, whether you’re entering or exiting a week like the one that I had.

Boy with a Coin- Iron & Wine

As Much As I Ever Could – City and Colour

The Immortals- Kings of Leon

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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