Tunes Tuesday: Record Hunting

Good morning and good day lovely readers!

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go out and purchase a few new records, and it was amazing. A friend came with, and unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures because of being focused in the moment, but next time I’ll make sure to document such moments better for you guys.

I was specifically hunting for Billy Joel’s The Stranger, because as I’ve iterated in the past, he’s kind of my favorite at the moment. The first record store that my friend and I went to didn’t have it, which was very discouraging. Or maybe they did, but we weren’t able to find it, because the records weren’t necessarily organized in an easy way for finding specific albums. However, it kind of made it more like a treasure hunt. We got to dig and discover many different artists and I still found some Bob Dylan, so all was well. The next record store was definitely more organized, but less of a hole in the wall or adventure. But I was able to find The Stranger and also The Lumineers’ Cleopatra which I have started to get into recently.  Overall, a great experience, and I will definitely head out again and make sure to give further reviews on various record stores as well.

So if you’re in the mood, or even just want to browse, I would definitely recommend Billy Joel’s The Stranger and The Lumineers’ Cleopatra. Both have been relaxing and just very easy to listen to. Once I’ve listened to them further and digested them a bit, there will definitely be some reviews headed you guys’ way.

Keep Rockin’

Ellen Renee

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