Beauty on a Budget

Today in the make up world there are so many products to choose from. There are almost unlimited options for any type of product that you could need. But there are some products that are just too expensive for the average persona to buy. Even people with skin allergies don’t want to buy the hypo allergenic make up due to price. There are a bunch of great products that are cheap and will do the job just as well. So I thought I would share some of my favorite cheap make up products and places to get them.

Walmart or any supermarket – Some people already know what I am talking about with this one. Walmart has a decent health and beauty section and nothing there is going to be outrageously priced. Elf has good products that my sensitive skin hasn’t reacted too as well as Wet N Wild.

Amazon or Wish or online shopping in general – Yes, you can order good make up online. It isn’t all crappy and it wont all turn your face into a giant rash. It is all about looking for looking for brands that have good reviews and that you know will work.

Clearance – Any store where you seen a clearance section is a good place to look for make up. It doesn’t have to be full priced to be good.

Dumpster Diving??? – I haven’t done this one myself but I know people who go looking through the dumpsters of make up stores to find the good make up that they throw away. I wouldn’t advisee this one, but if you know someone who works at a make up store I would suggest asking them to look before they throw it out and making a deal to get a score on some cool colors.

Used – Not actually used products but things that people have bought and haven’t opened, usually they try to resell them online. Check any sort of reselling website to see what deals you can get on not their perfect make up match.

If you have any other suggestions or way to get good make up without spending a boat load let me know! I hope you can give these a try, or maybe you use them already, but let me know how they go! Thanks for reading and as always I wish you many great experiences and the best of beauty, inside and out.

-Renna Sophia ❤

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