Tunes Tuesday: The Last Five Years

Hey lovely readers!

I thought we’d take a short break from bands and specific songs, and touch a subject that has and always will be one of my favorite things- musicals. They’re this beautiful union of art and dance and music and passion while also bringing in the theatre and acting stories. They can make you laugh or cry, or maybe even cringe, but musicals have been a part of culture even in early Greek culture and still are prominent in America today, with La La Land.

But today, I want to specifically talk about The Last Five Years starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. These two both have amazing voices that will keep you wanting to listen to more. Also, the story itself is presented in a very intriguing fashion. That is, while Anna Kendrick starts at the end of the five years that they’ve spent together, Jeremy begins at the very beginning, until their stories do intertwine in the middle and then split again throughout the rest of the film. One an aspiring actress and the other an aspiring novelist, two hoping and yearning for dreams while also discovering themselves. It keeps you analyzing how their relationship began and how it changes and morphs into something different as well. The plot easily pulls you in, the characters themselves are relatable, and it definitely seems like something that could happen in real life, instead of being overly whimsical or outlandish. Along with this the music will definitely be stuck in your head for days afterward, or at least it was in mine.

Either way, I would definitely recommend checking out the soundtrack to this beautiful film and musical if you get the chance. If you do, or if you end up viewing it, please let me know whether you liked it, or what thoughts you had about the cinematography and how the story in itself was presented. I would love to hear more and all of your opinions.

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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