Eco-Friendly Fridays: Ditch the Disposables

Ladies, gentlemen, people of the planet: This. Is. HUGE.

One step we can all make toward a healthier, more eco-friendly life, is to go back in time. Back to a time BEFORE paper plates, plastic plates, paper and plastic cups, K-Cups, styrofoam, disposable utensils, etc. I could go on for days.

How is this effective? Well, we could talk about the devastating impact of K-Cups on the environment… Or we could talk about the problems with our paper coffee cups… or the effects of our paper plates and even how gross paper towels are compared to hand dryers

But I believe that many of us looking to be more eco-friendly are already aware of this. Waste is waste. Waste is bad. Waste, we try to avoid.

However, once we’re in the habit of using all of these uber-convenient items, we wonder what we should switch to. Here are a few ideas:


Ditch the paper plates, dust off that old china, and put it to good use. It requires some energy to make those ceramic beauties, but they pay for themselves and are the greener choice in the long run.


If you have a Keurig, turn the remaining K-Cups you have into cute little planters


And pick up a couple of the reusable K-Cups. They’re great!


Finally, if you’ve been hitting up Starbucks (or any other coffee joint), ditch the paper


Instead, invest in one of their reusable tumblers. There are some really nice ceramic ones out there.

These are just a couple ideas, but I hope they are able to get our collective creative juices flowing and bring about some changes, big and small.

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