Tunes Tuesdays: Two Cellos

Happy Tuesday Fellow Tunes Lovers!

Recently a friend of mine recommended that I listen to a cover done by Two Cellos called Hurt. (Also this song just so happens to be in the trailer for the new movie Logan, which as a huge superhero fan, I geeked out about for a solid minute or two. And it’s a great movie as well. So I’m just gonna leave this shameless plug here and you can do with it what you will.) I was then informed that this song was even done as a cover by Johnny Cash, and that the original song was done by Nine Inch Nails. Cover Inception I tell you what. But I got interested and continued to listen to some other covers done by these two guys, and they’re amazing. They tie in a classical feel to a lot of great and very current hits. I would definitely recommend it if you want a twist in your current music listenings. Likewise, if you’ve got to study and your go to is the classical genre, but you want something a little more upbeat but still without words, I would definitely put Two Cellos in as solid artists to consider.

Happy listening to you all and as per usual, let us know what you think! Are there any artists that have performed covers to your favorite songs that make you fall in love with the music all over again? Or do you prefer to stick to the original artists? Either way, I hope you find and listen to what you love.

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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