All About the Eyes


Hello my lovelies! First of all this is the second post that has happened on Wednesday the 8th… trippy y’all. Today I am going to be talking all about your beautiful eyes. Most people, when they do their eye make up, juts pick their colors and the shape they want and get to work. But some people genuinely struggle with their eye shape. They think they are too this or too that and since my focus is positivity through make up, I want to share some ways to highlight preferred features and down play the not so desirables. This post is in no way saying that anyone needs to change anything about their make up or hide anything on their face. But I know that it is a desired topic of discussion, so I hope to spark some inspiration. 

There are so many eye shapes and combinations of eye shapes that it is impossible to list them all. But there are, luckily for us, some basic categories that most eyes can fit into. When talking about make up, there are typically: hooded, mono-lid, protruded, deep set, and down turned eyes. Some people fit into one of these categories perfectly, some fit into more than one, and some don’t fit into any at all. All of these steps and tricks are based on downplaying or enhancing certain dramatics of one’s eyes, or to make the eyes appear more even with the rest of the face. However, everyone should high light their favorite features no matter what.

Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape:
-Hooded: Try using a medium color in the crease to lessen the appearance of a deep crease versus a darker color to accentuate it. If you want to make your hood appear less defined you can also use a darker color right along the lash line. Also, don’t be afraid to drag your colors down and build more off of your lower lashes instead of you lid. Hooded eyes are some of the most prone to shifting shadows, if this is your struggle try a setting spray (I use Urban Decay or drug stores sell Hard Candy: Fast and Fabulous for like $6 and it is one of my favorites). You can also look for more smudge proof shadows and eye products which, surprisingly, aren’t as hard to find as you would think.

-Mono Lid: One of the most common tips that I have found for this kind of eye shape is to use a eye primer on the lid and under the eyes. Then some people contour their own crease (Which I would not have the talent to do because I struggle with all contour) as well as using more shadows and colors under the eyes instead of on top. The “suggested” shades for Mono Lids are darker shades on the corner which get thinner towards the inner corner, a medium shade on the lid and a blinding highlight on the inner corner. Winged eyeliner appears to be a common favorite amongst people with Mono Lid eyes.

-Protruded: These are some of the most expressive eyes so eyeshadow and liner can do a lot. Shimmer shades or lighter shades on the lids will accentuate the difference in space, while matte or darker shades will pull the eye back to the same level. Eyeliner and butterfly lashes (eyelashes that are longer towards the outer corner) are favorite tools to help achieve the almond eyed look by pulling out the outer corner.

-Downturned: Concentrated dark colors or sharp eyeliner can be used to lift the outer corners, while focusing mascara on the middle of the lashes can open up the eyes. Some people even add highlighter or shiny, light shadows to the outer corners.

-Deep Set: Darker shades will always make the eye appear more deep set than it is, so by contrast shimmer and lighter shade will pull the eye foreword. You can also open the eye a bit more by not lining you bottom lash line and using lighter shades on the same line.

Let me know what your favorite styles are and what features about you eyes you like the most. Always remember to embrace the best or your beauty and give yourself a little grace. Till next time ❤


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