Tunes Tuesday: The Gray Havens

Good afternoon lovely readers!

This weekend I had the joy of traveling a bit. Not too far, but enough to kick in a good road trip playlist. On this playlist, a friend of mine brought up this artist. I’d never listened to anything of theirs before, but it definitely made me think a bit of The Lumineers. This was because they had some great piano melodies and guitar riffs. However, they’re a bit less folk, and I think more of just a “cleaner” sound. Not necessarily in the fact that they’re better, because they’re both amazing, but less raw. Which can be good and bad in various situations. It’s a hard sound to describe, but they’re a husband and wife dynamic duo, and doing amazing things.

So if you want to check them out I would recommend the songs Train Station, Silver, Gray Flowers, and Music From a Garden. Songs in the Night is also nice because it gives you a bit of a picture of their two voices together, instead of mainly focusing on his. Let us know what you think! Do they also make you think a bit of The Lumineers? Or are they in a different realm that I wasn’t able to pick up on? Either way I hope you enjoy and have a beautiful Tuesday!

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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