FYF Open Chatroom on KakaoTalk

The FYF Team is absolutely THRILLED to announce that we’ve created an Open Chat in KakaoTalk!


But wait, what’s KakaoTalk?kakaotalk open chat

Well, it’s for messaging! Based in South Korea, it’s one of the most popular instant messaging apps in East Asia, and is making headway in the Western hemisphere as well! We’re not sponsored by KakaoTalk, but the FYF team has been longstanding users of the app and we’ve been wanting to utilize some of its features to better connect with our readers!


Open chats are safe and secure, you don’t have to be friends with us on KakaoTalk to participate. All you need to know is the link to our chatroom and our password (it’s “veggies”)! You can also search for it by name.wp-1489511814818.png

So, if you have KakaoTalk and wish to say hello, feel free to look us up. For those who don’t have KakaoTalk, consider giving it a try! It’s a great way to stay connected to friends, especially if you run out of service and only have WiFi. 🙂

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