Eco-Friendly Fridays: Transportation

This Friday, let’s discuss transportation! What options could we, as individuals, have in our own areas?


One efficient option is to carpool. This one is possible in just about any location, especially if they don’t have access to greener options. Remember: Any contribution to the environment is better than none at all. If there’s no eco-friendlier option, carpooling will help.

hybrid cars

If your family is financially able, hybrid and electric cars are also an option. They’re much greener than their totally-fossil-fueled counterparts, and we’d be able to carpool in these too! Imagine the impact!

HybriBus RIT Curitiba

Some cities are incorporating hybrid and electric buses. These are a great option if someone isn’t interested in driving or carpooling but still want to travel at the pace of the average automotive user. If hybrid buses aren’t an option, taking the bus is still an eco-friendlier option than simply driving yourself. Similar to carpooling.

eco train

Certain trains, such as Amtrak California, have incorporated green trains into their lines. If this is possible, it’s another good option to consider.


An option that might not be as commonly thought of is the electric motorcycle. Stylish, sleek, and much more green than their fossil-fueled counterparts, they’re a way to move away from standard transportation altogether and still do something a little more unique.


A very standard option, too, is biking to school, work, or your destination. It can be a little hard to do year-round if one lives in a place that experiences winter weather, but even if we do it only part of the year, it’s still an amazing option and a good way to exercise.


Finally, how about skateboarding or longboarding to work? If bicycles aren’t our thing, but we still want to travel at a faster pace, this is another good option. Longboards are easier to maneuver if one is simply traveling long distances and isn’t interested in the tricks.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite eco-friendly mode of transportation?


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