Tunes Tuesday: I the Mighty

Happy Tuesday Lovely Readers!

It’s the first Tuesday back from spring break, and as such I know that I’ve been heavily relying on music to get me back into the groove of university. Maybe you’re trying to do the same, whether that be with also coming back to school or trying to get through it as your spring break approaches. Or perhaps this is just another week for you, and maybe you just want to get through to the weekend. Whatever your situation, I the Mighty is a great band to wake you up and get you going. It’s has multiple feels, from soft rock, to full rock, to even a little bit of screaming at some points. Either way all of the songs that I have listened to have some amazing electric guitar melodies and a drum beat that’ll propel your heart beat through a doldrumish day. Also the lyrics themselves are very interesting to listen to and contemplate.

Some songs that I would recommend if you want to give them a try this morning are The Dreamer, These Streets Are Alive, Speak to Me, and Escalators. Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Keep Rockin’,

Ellen Renee

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