Eyeliner Hacks

Hello my beauties! Today I want to share some info about eyeliner. I have spent hours upon hours of my time trying to figure out how to figure out how to get the perfect wing. Dozens of videos, hundreds of failed attempts, and thousands of Q tips used to erase crooked lines and I still struggle some days. So I decided to compile my favorite tips to get the best wings. Don’t be a silent reader! Leave your best tips below and tell me what you think!

-Identical Wings: Keep your eyes open while angling your liner from the outer corner of your eye, working in small sections. Try going back and forth between eyes to ensure they look like twins.

-Use a Stencil: Tape is a quick and easy stencil that everyone can find, Just place the tape under your eye creating a line through the outer corner of your eye up to the tip of your eyebrow (or less angled for not so dramatic of a wing) then draw the eyeliner over the edge of the tape and peel off you are done! Quick and easy.

***Anytime you use tape be sure to stick it to the back of your hand first a couple times to remove the harshest of the stickiness, which can stay on your skin after the tape is removed

-You can also use a playing card or business card after it has been sterilized

-Smooth lines: If your eyeliner turns out jagged and unclean, or patchy, use some black eyeshadow and apply over your lines. Eyeshadow can also be used in place of eyeliner to create softer looks.

-Clean Up: If you mess up grab a cream or concealer or even some of the eyeshadow you have on (works best for cover ups if you wet the brush before dipping into the shadow or if you use a cream eyeshadow) and apply over the mistake.

-You can also just use make up remover if you aren’t worried about taking the eyeshadow away.

-Use a Felt Pen: For the angle, just lay the pen tip flat against your skin at the desired angle and then fill in as normal towards the inside of your eye. These types of eyeliner applicators make wings look easy!

-Liquid meets Powder: You can mix and match types of liners by drawing the wing on with your preferred liquid or gel liner and then use a black eyeshadow, on an angled brush, on the lid.

-String: Putting some eyeliner on a piece of string and then pulling the string along the skin can create sharp, clean lines.

-Make it Flat: Don’t be too harsh on this one, as it can actually stretch your skin. But pull the skin by your outer corner slightly with one finger until it is flat THEN apply the liner.

-You can do the same thing under your eyebrow and most anywhere else to make sure you are sketching your wing on flat, smooth skin.

-Thinner Liner: Tight lining is great for people who don’t have much room on their lids for eyeliner, or for a sleek, more natural look. Just apply the liner into and barely above your eye lashes to create a very thin line, add a very small wing if you desire.

I hope some of these help you as much as they helped me! As always, let me know what you want to hear and I will do my best! Keep on keeping on with the best of beauty, inside and out!

-Renna Sophia

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