Tantalizing Tuesday Thoughts: The Beginning

Greetings All,

Some of you may be thinking, “Wait, it’s Tuesday, isn’t this post to be about music or something?” And most of the time, or before our relaunch, you would be correct!


From now on, every other Tuesday, there will still be music, but there will also be these interludes. (Secretly making a musical joke about a pause in music and interludes and yeah okay I know it’s not that great, but here we are.)

In these posts, I hope to expound on thoughts that I’ve had throughout the week, interactions I’ve had with others, and general experiences that I have throughout my daily life. In these I hope to share wisdom for others going through the same situations, or even my misfortune, in that we can still learn from moments that don’t go right. Because how often in life do they ever? I might be bringing books with me and writing about what I’ve read, or things that I’ve learned in class that I found interesting as well. There may even be a pun or two, because that’s also just who I am, and sometimes after a stressful or long two weeks, who doesn’t want a small, perhaps even roll-your-eyes-worthy chuckle?

But for today, I went out hammocking (as I will probably do many times for these posts). It really helps you get away from it all, and definitely clears my head when looking up at views like this.IMG_1442

But anyway, as I was setting up my hammock and taking a slow rock back and forth, I started thinking about decisions that I’ve made in my life. I’m a very passive person, and throughout most of my high school and partially college career, I preferred to let others make decisions for me. What should I wear?–Better talk to my parents, shouldn’t be too risky. What friends should I have?–Better keep to the status quo, whoever I’ve been friends with since kindergarten seems safe. What should I study in college?–Better stick with something worthy of a valedictorian, like a doctor. There were, and still are, so many expectations that others have for my life. It kind of becomes this vicious cycle where people eventually start to think you aren’t good enough when you don’t measure up to their expectations. Unfortunately, after a time, maybe you start to believe it too.

But the thing is, they’re not me. How can they know the dreams and thoughts that are raging in my heart and mind? How can they know the limits that I have if they’re the ones who are setting them instead of me? How can they know that perhaps their pushing of what they think is for the best, is actually creating a slow burn of uncertainty that I’m trying to desperately rid from my personality?

But I’m not saying it’s all their fault either. After a time, and even sometimes today, I find it easier to let others make decisions for me. Because sometimes, it’s too scary. Sometimes, I have no idea what I want. However, letting others continue to rule my life will never allow me the joy of freedom. Of exploring the unknown and the risky to truly discover what options, opportunities, and dreams exist. You only get one life, and it shouldn’t be squandered on someone else.

So perhaps ultimately what I’m saying is, people can only help you and propel you so far, but ultimately the decisions that you’ve made in life are your own. If you want to chase your dreams, you should, regardless of whether or not someone gives you the support you think you need. If others are causing you to believe that you’re not good enough, then perhaps it’s time to evaluate where you find worth. You life isn’t dependent on anyone else’s. Your dreams are achievable. You can always, always do ‘it,’ whatever that it may be for you.

Until next time,

Ellen Renee

P.S. Also a pun: How do you organize a space party?

You planet (ba dum tss)

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