Eco-Friendly Fridays: Exploring Zero Waste

One of the more interesting eco-friendly concepts is that of Zero Waste.

While not technically zero waste, as in no waste whatsoever, it’s more of a minimal waste lifestyleAs in, one small jar of waste per year sent to the landfill. Wild.

The idea is that instead of recycling more of what we buy, we instead try to purchase items that inherently need less recycling and (ideally) don’t ever need to go to the landfill at all. Reduced packaging, reduced waste, reduced disposables, and smarter usage of the rest.

As I’ve explored the lifestyle a little more, I would agree that it fits in quite well with minimalism and those who aren’t interested in the rampant consumerism that has become the status quo of North America, generally speaking. If you’re interested in either of those things as well as the environment, Zero Waste might be up your alley.

Some common themes in the Zero Waste lifestyle include:

  • Composting
  • Shopping infrequently
  • Buying in bulk
  • Bringing your own containers
  • Buying sustainable/compostable/non-plastic products
  • Shopping secondhand
  • Shopping for sustainable and reusable alternatives for disposables

The most helpful and informative blog on the topic, in my humble opinion, is Going Zero Waste. The blogger goes about Zero Waste living in a very approachable, friendly way, with plenty of easy hacks and recipes for more sustainable choices.

Additionally, Zero Waste Home has a wonderful list of 100 tips, if one is interested in browsing some easy switches and options they could make and don’t want to dig too much to find them. It’s a really good starting point/source of information.

I’m definitely interested in pursuing a Zero Waste lifestyle and I’m slowly incorporating more and more aspects of it into my life. Composting is an intimidating project for me, but one I’m interested in trying.

What do you think? What aspects of Zero Waste living are you most interested in?

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