Tunes Tuesday: Dear Evan Hansen


Good Evening Lovely Readers!

Apologies for this coming out later than expected, but I truly wanted to treat you guys with this amazing masterpiece, and be refreshed and have the songs in the forefront of my mind for this post.

Today we’re taking it back to another musical. As the picture on the left depicts, it is “Dear Evan Hansen.” The songs in the story all follow a boy named Hansen, who suffers from severe anxiety, and writes letters to himself to ease these struggles. It’s his senior year of high school, and everything kind of goes haywire when another student, Connor, commits suicide, but with one of Evan’s letters in his pocket. When found, people believe that it’s Connor’s suicide note. This creates chaos when many now believe that Evan is actually a close friend of Connor’s. Love interests ensue, lies are thrown flippantly, friendships are thinned, families face turmoil, and so much more. This musical truly brings everything to the table, which is why I won’t spoil it further so you all can enjoy it at your leisure.

But more specifically, the music is just so refreshing. It doesn’t necessarily have too much of a musical feel, in the sense that it flows very easily and doesn’t feel too light or sappy. It hits at some very hard issues that many are facing today within mental illness, or even just in regular life. Specifically, and in one of my favorite songs, “Waving Through A Window,” which I will leave below, Evan struggles with only being who he is at this particular moment in his life. He’s always on the outside looking in, and never knows if he’ll break through this social or existential barrier that he’s found himself in. It’s incredibly moving, and maybe you’ll feel the same way about it.

Overall, there are many more beauties within this musical, and they can all be found on either youtube or spotify or probably many other sources because the interweb is quite the large space. Either way I hope you all enjoy and please tell us what you think or if there are any musical favorites that you have!

Keep Rockin,

Ellen Renee

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