Thoughts: On Lost Time

You know,

It’s been a  while since the FYF team has posted anything. A shame on our part, really. Time management is probably one of the hardest things to work around. Partly though, it must be because of how we’re organizing our priorities.

It’s amazing how much time simply flies by when we’re anticipating actions that never happen. So many goals, so much to do, such a large number of things that can get in the way of progress. Why? We’re prioritizing comfort, perhaps. We want a moment to breathe, an escape from reality and for responsibilities to drift away like petals in the breeze.

Somewhere, in all that mess, lie our true desires. Running a blog is one of my passions, one of my favorite hobbies. So is cooking, crafting, creating beautiful spaces, and enjoying warm mugs of tea in the morning.

These are the things I should be prioritizing.

It’s easy to forget that, huh?

Simple things that give so much pleasure despite the time they take up.

Everything takes time. Might as well pick the things I enjoy the most.


See ya soon,


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