[11/2] Mindful Journaling

These journaling exercises is intended to give examples of how one may go about writing mindfully. Utilizing the senses and letting thoughts drift as they may, mindful journaling is a great way to slow down and experience the moment as it is.

If you listen closely enough, you can hear the humming and whirring of florescent lights and snoozing laptops. Students’ fingers scrape against the pages of the novels they are thumbing through, seeking answers hidden among the text like a treasure hunt.

Liquid collects on the outside of my water bottle, dulling the gold leaf on the glass, temporarily reflecting the gray dampness stuck to the windows. Lose drops slide and absorb others with the quiet hand of gravity.

The room is cool, the vents circulating the air and sending the hanging decor spinning about erratically. They want to fly, too. Or escape maybe.

My heathered navy sweater encapsulates me with warmth. Lightweight yet soft, it flows across the hills and valleys of my body, sleeves hanging casually past my fingertips. The pen I hold has a particular sort of firmness, a stubborn resistance from the pressure my left hand exerts on the paper, bound softly in cloth stitched together by a woman from India. A purchase from a fair trade shop in the city I begrudgingly call “home”.

I imagine her fingers are more calloused than mine. I wonder if she liked her creation as much as I do, or if it was yet another of a long list of journals to make that day, not a moment to appreciate it.

I hope I’ll get the chance to create like her. Use my mind and hands to give birth to beautiful tools as she did for me. I never knew this woman, I don’t know her now. But I think about her a lot.

She’s an inspiration.

Or a muse.


She has my respect.

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