About Us


Name: Savannah Lilly

Personal Blog: Matcha Minimalist

Age: 20

Current Occupation: Full-Time Student, Part-Time Bookseller

Dietary Lifestyle: Vegan moving toward a healthier, more whole-foods-based diet

Likes: Boba/bubble tea, animals, kpop, video games, saving the environment, productivity apps

Dislikes: Rudeness, High Fructose Corn Syrup, migraines, the fact that I have acne (STILL)

Blog Goals: Creating within the blog the sort of positive environment I want to see in the world.

Life Goals: Live in total alignment with my values and share my vision with the world through creativity and inspiration.


Name: Ellen Renee

Age: 21

Current Occupation: Full-Time Student/Lab Assistant

Dietary Lifestyle: Vegetarian

Likes: Science, knitting, music, learning all of the things, reading, eating ice cream all day

Dislikes: Being in elevators, small talk, eating in large groups, cold

Blog Goals: To be encouraging and motivating to others while also trying to find and live the healthiest life possible for myself

Life Goals: Become some sort of fancy scientist or medical lady to serve and love others in the best way I can. To be happy.