Series Master List

Organized by active state, then by the team member that is currently “in charge”.



Mindful Mondays: Inspirational quotes, meditation, and ways to heal the mind by becoming more aware of yourself and what is around you. If we spend at least one day a week exercising mindful behavior, we are already on the road to bettering ourselves… One day at a time. (Posts every Monday)

For the Family: We know how hard it can be to help others get on board, so this series works to involve the entire family in an eco-friendly, vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. It’s all about the little things, so we’re sharing tips, scenarios, activities, and other resources to help others be more willing to help you. (Posts once a month on the 4th)

Thoughts: Savannah has lots of thoughts about lots of things, so here she’s going all-out. Expect random, unrelated posts here about everything she’s thought about this week. (Posts once a week on Fridays)


Tunes Tuesday: Examines different types of music styles, albums, artists, and everything musical in between. From record hunting and listening to various tunes to experimenting with multiple instruments, if music is your passion, be sure to check this series out. (Posts every two weeks on Tuesday)

The Lit List: Ever wanted a master list of amazing reads for when you have free time? The Lit(erature) List is just that. We read a variety of written work, review them, and give you our personal opinions on them so that you can make your own. (Posts once a month on the 28th)


Get That Fitness On: Join us as our muscles burn in agony and we silently curse our previous lack of athleticism, GTFO will touch base on a variety of ways to get fit and stay active. Ellen and Savannah will take turns sharing news of their current workouts and other activities. (Posts every Sunday)

Holiday Havoc: During those wonderfully special days of the year, Savannah and Ellen will work together to create a post celebrating that holiday and discussing it’s history and current relevance. (Posts every holiday we celebrate or appreciate).

On Hold

No series is currently on hold! Yay!


Through The Lens: A series dedicated to my favorite ways, times, filters and angles for taking pictures as well as poses and expressions for the people I photograph. All of the things I talk about in here will be simple tricks that have made me enjoy taking pictures more and helped me capture things a little differently. Photography has helped me see things through a different perspective as well as shown me what matters most to me, as that is usually what is conveyed in my photographs. Looking through a lens can be a great way to find your passions and expand your experiences, bringing a positive spin to any adventure.

Bare Beauty: This series will be all about makeup, skin care, dupes, tips and processes to enhance one’s physical appearance and to help anyone get the look they want. By no means is this series suggesting that people should or should not wear makeup, or that someone is doing their routine wrong. The posts listed in this series are based on personal experiences and reviews that we use and want to share in the hopes that it can help or entertain someone else.

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